The Migration Continues By Clark and Andrea Bowdle, S

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Now it’s time to decide on what the priorities are to get her ready for cruising. This is a bit tricky. We are not retired but our schedule is somewhat flexible so we are able to spend about 10 days a month from August thru February at the boat. Hurricane season we are home working. We are on a budget so need to decide what to do ourselves and what to hire out. Time vs money….always a compromise.

Submarine Catapults Attack Plane submitted by P/C Don Crowder, SN

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September 9, 1942, the I-25 class Japanese submarine was cruising in an easterly direction raising its periscope occasionally as it neared the United States Coastline. Japan had attacked Pearl Harbor less than a year ago and the Captain of the attack submarine knew that Americans were watching their coast line for ships and aircraft that might attack our country.

Safety at Sea for Me by Steven Hodges, N

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If you sail, especially if you go to our lovely Channel Islands, I recommend participating in one of these classes as they are informative, led by highly experienced sailors, and include the opportunity for hands-on exposure to the latest advances in safety methods and equipment. 

Our Migration By Clark and Andrea Bowdle, S

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We finally did it, took the plunge, jumped off the edge, started on the journey. Whatever you want to call it, we bought THE boat. Not just any boat, the boat that will take us on our grand cruising adventure. Our search included several years, continents, countries and vacations to make the decision.

Catalina Loop Cruise by Mark Cooper, P

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Yes, Ellie and I are (once again) hoping to put our two-week “Catalina Loop Cruise” together in the period immediately following Labor Day.  And yes!  It is the very cruise we presented on the last session of the Squadron Cruise Planning Course we took last year.

California Boating Card Law

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A Summary of the California Boating Card Law and How it Affects You First of all, further information about the California Boating Card (CBC) law can be found on the California Department of Boating and Waterways (CDBW) website under Safety and Education.  This summary attempts to boil it down to several key points: The California Boating Card law applies …

Inflatable Life Jacket Maintenance

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By Rich Ciolino – at Isthmus Cove, Catalina Island August 2017 Inflatable life jackets provide safety, comfort, and convenience for their users.  They are much less bulky than the older “stuffed with a flotation material” type, a feature that encourages boaters to wear them.  All life jackets require some amount of maintenance and back in July it was reported in …

Dennis and Virginia John’s Round the World Cruise

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Coming Home – Virginia Johns, P   We left Santa Barbara in January 2011 for the start of our circumnavigation adventure.   We head back to the boat Dec. 30 to finish up the loop and bring Libertad home in 2017.  We have enjoyed a nice long visit to our home in Santa Barbara this year.  And although we weren’t out on …