June 2018 COMMANDER’S MESSAGE by Cdr. Dennis Johns, AP

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Wow! What a busy May we are having.  The squadron had so much going on that most of this message will be spent thanking all the members who stepped up to conduct or participate in an event.

Don’t blink or another month will go by that is chock full of squadron activities.  Don’t miss our June 7th meeting with Mike Pyzel discussing heavy weather experiences and techniques for survival.

June 2018 ADMIN OFFICER’S MESSAGE by Lt/C Peggy Ciolino, S

sbmesafirstmate Monthly Reports

I love the Fourth of July with all the fireworks, particularly viewing them from our boat at the Harbor, but there’s nothing like setting off your own fireworks, which of course we’re not allowed to do anymore in most parts of California. So the flare shoot, in which we set off our own “fireworks,” is not only an extremely important safety event, but is exciting because it appeals to my love of being in charge of my own pyrotechnics, like when I was a kid.

June 2018 Happy Hour Invite for Friday June 15

sbmesafirstmate Monthly Reports

The Ventura Squadron is visiting Santa Barbara Harbor Friday June 15 and has invited us to join them for a get together aboard Mariposa at 1730 hours. Please bring your favorite beverages and they will supply all the eats. For those venturing out on the cruise to Cueva Valdez that weekend, we will raise a glass to fair winds and calm anchorages for you!

June 2018 Cruise to Cueva Valdez June 15-17

sbmesafirstmate Monthly Reports

Scott is planning a cruise out to Santa Cruz Island June 15-17.  He invites all squadron boats to join in on the adventure and will serve as the point person for this event.

Departure will be Friday at 8am so that if the wind picks up, we are at the anchorage close to 1pm.

Cueva Valdez is the destination, with Lady’s as a backup if conditions not calm enough at Cueva.

June 2018 Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club Cruise & Dinner by P/C Tom Koch, SN

sbmesafirstmate Monthly Reports

SBSPS has once again made plans to hold a cruise to, and have dinner at, the Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club in Channel Islands Harbor, Oxnard, CA. The gathering of SBSPS members and guests will convene for a Potluck of appetizers and drinks in the afternoon of 14 July 2018, with PCYC providing a, historically delicious, dinner at 1900 hours. Members and guests are encouraged to make this a weekend cruise.

June 2018 Asst. Treasurer Message by 1st Lt/C Pete Segoe, P

sbmesafirstmate Monthly Reports

Greetings fellow squadron members, I do hope spring is being good to you. As your assistant to the treasurer, in charge of ships stores, I want to let you know we have a few of the “ambassador jackets” (see pictures) to sell. The Commander has asked me to sell them to members at half of the original cost, so they are a steal at $ 43.00. I have a limited selection of sizes so please contact me ASAP if you are interested.

June 2018 SEO’s Message by Lt/C Rich Ciolino, JN

sbmesafirstmate Monthly Reports

Steve Young began teaching our Marine Electrical Systems course on Tuesday April 24 – it will run through June 19.   A high level of interest was evident as 27 students signed up for the class!  This class covers the gamut from basic electricity to troubleshooting and repair and provides the understanding one needs to help with the installation and maintenance of systems such as AC and DC power systems, wiring, circuit protection, charging, and corrosion protection.

June 2018 Vessel Safety Examiner Report by 1st Lt/C John Profant, SN

sbmesafirstmate Monthly Reports

For those interested in having their vessel inspected contact me for an appointment. We make sure your flares are up to date, your safety equipment is in good working order and that your boat is sea worthy. It is free and takes about an hour. Those who do pass the examination will get a sticker to place on the left side of the boat that lets the Coast Guard know that it is not necessary to board and perform a Vessel Safety Check.

June 2018 Safety on the Sea by Lt/C, Rich Ciolino, JN

sbmesafirstmate Monthly Reports

National Safe Boating Week began on May 19 and we supported it with two events.  One was a flare shoot that is discussed elsewhere in this newsletter, and the other was the United States Power Squadrons’ Partner in Command seminar that we offered to the boating community.